Jenna Jones

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~Helen Keller


I am a momprenuer living in Billings, Montana. My three little ones are Judah (5 years), Mia (4 years), and Aurora (6 months). I tell them often that they are God’s gift to me! My parenting style would be best described as messy and happy. The baby years are hard for me y’all! As soon as they are big enough to adventure, create, and wipe their own butts I hit my sweet spot. When they are little I give them lots of kisses while I chug down coffee and promise them we will do great things together one day.

I run my own website and marketing business from home ( While websites are my forte, I am full of business and marketing hacks to help small businesses and non-profits get off the ground. I come from a crazy (the good kind of crazy) Italian family. They are passionate, creative, love to work hard, and love to play hard. I would like to take credit, but a good part of my work ethic, business intuition, and creative mojo came built in. I have this entrepreneurial compulsion that won’t sit still. My husband, Josh, and I both own our own businesses, have helped plant churches, launch ministries, remodel houses, and rent properties. It is really is a lifestyle!

I grew up dreaming of being a missionary to a naked tribe – Swiss Family Robinson style (maybe for our retirement!). We’ve served many years on staff at local churches and now we have our own non-profit, Billings United, and we lead quarterly city-wide Worship Night. We get to see over 20 churches come together with one voice to sing out praises to our God! Our vision is to awaken hearts through worship, to gather and unify the church, and to contend for our city.